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Prestige New Boat Models

Created over 20 years ago, Prestige is now an internationally recognized brand, present on four continents through a network of specialized dealers trained by the shipyard. Whether on the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea or the Aegean Sea, the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean, the China Sea, the Andaman Sea, the Tasmanian Sea or the Coral Sea, Prestige is an established brand. Worldwide, 2,500 Prestige owners share our values.


In 2010, the Prestige 60 was elected “European Boat of the Year” by a jury of marine professionals. In 2011, the new Generation 2 introduced advances in design quality, interior furnishings, fit and finish. Each new advance leads to another. Now, the Prestige range is available in three distinct model lines: Flybridge, Express, and Sport Top. If size is an indicator of success, Prestige is now moving toward creating models close to 70 feet in length, Prestige Yachts. Prestige has become a style, a global brand.

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Motor Yachts

2017 Prestige 750
2017 Prestige 680
2017 Prestige 680 S
2017 Prestige 630
2017 Prestige 630 S
2017 Prestige 560
2017 Prestige 560 S
2017 Prestige 500
2017 Prestige 500 S
2017 Prestige 460
2017 Prestige 450
2017 Prestige 450 S


2017 Prestige 420

Express Cruiser

2017 Prestige 420 S