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Prestige New Boat Models

Seaworthiness: A Top Priority

Prestige Yacht’s infusion-molded hulls, structures and decks are specially designed for pod propulsion systems, which redistribute weight onboard, limit noise and vibrations and improve fuel efficiency by 20%.  As a customer focused sales, marina & service center we can appreciate Prestige’s attention to detail in both construction and innovation.

For flawless quality, Prestige has invested in exceptional tools like CATIA® CAO design software.  Developed by Dassault Systèmes, this software enables the design team to examine and combine, upstream and in 3D, all the parts that make up a motor yacht, down to the smallest bolt.

Prestige Yachts are proud, deserving winners of numerous international yachting awards for excellence including the European Boat of the Year. Prestige Yachts will take you far, fast, and safely while offering to you a unbelievable value. Discover new horizons today.

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Motor Yachts

2018 Prestige 750
2018 Prestige 680 S
2018 Prestige 680
2018 Prestige 630
2018 Prestige 630 S
2018 Prestige 560 S
2018 Prestige 560
2018 Prestige 500
2018 Prestige 500 S
2018 Prestige 420 S
2018 Prestige 420